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Chris Schrade Dojo Manager

After a successful high school and college basketball career, Chris turned to the martial arts to correct old injuries and continue the high level of conditioning that he was used to. I have tried every strength and conditioning program that has surfaced over the past 15 years and not one of them compares to the benefits you receive through the martial arts and The Calasanz System.

Chris believes that there is more to conditioning a human body then free weights and machines can provide. A healthy, well conditioned body must be able to do more then just lift, push, or pull a large amount of weight. Strength is just one benefit of training in a martial arts program; flexibility, balance, coordination, agility, speed, grace, and body awareness are some of the other attributes you will improve upon here at Calasanz Physical Arts of Westport. And the one-on-one private training I provide allows me to tailor a program that fits your level of fitness and athleticism as well as your goals and interests.

In my mind health, fitness, and self-defense are interconnected. Its no secret that fitness routines increase the benefits to ones health, but most people never make the connection that having skills to defend you also benefits your health. By being able to keep out of harms way in a dangerous situation you may save yourself from pain, disfigurement, hospital bills, and possibly death. Please join me and start building the body and skills that defend you from harm and keep you healthy.



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